I played twice in the International Open chess tournaments in Belgium, where my performace was 2219 and 2080.
I invite everybody to play blitz in my office at the room N4 of the campus. Students who will show deep understanding of chess, will gain my personal sympathy…


A.Kukush and A.Frolkin, Problem N5136 (help-mate). Phenix, 2006, N153


A.Kukush, On new chess rule. In the World of Mathematics, 2007, 13, N4, 85-87 (Ukrainian).


Leuven Open, 2005  
14de Open van Leuven, Org. : Desperado LEUVEN
Tornooi:Open Tornooi 2004 — 2005 (Schaakclub. De Lustige Vrijpion Leuven)
Tornooi:Blitzcriterium deel 6 (Schaakclub. De Lustige Vrijpion Leuven)
Knokke Open 2004, Ronde 7, zon, 15 aug 2004.  
Championship of the club «Vrij Pion», Leuven, Belgium, 2005 (Schaakclub. De Lustige Vrijpion Leuven)