I propose you the cooperation in three directions.

1. I am an expert in Mathematical Statistics, in particular in fationable theory of errors-in-variables models. There are a lot of unsolved problems there! I invite you to visit my research seminar Asymptotic Methods of Statistics, which I supervise together with Professor R. E. Maiboroda. Sessions take place each Tuesday at 14:15 at the faculty campus.

2. I am a member of jury of the Open Matematical Olympiad for Kyiv students, which is held on March – April at the campus. Original problems for students of 1st – 4th grades are wanted. Please deliver problems with solutions to me to the Department of Mathematical Analysis. During the Olympiad, the problems where the author name is indicated are given to participants, and after the Olympiad that problems, again with indication of the author name, are published in the journal “In the World of Mathematics”.

3. I compose chess problems, the two of which were published in the German chess journal “feenschach”. In the journal “In the World of Mathematics”, I cheap essay writing service organized a column “Mathematics on Chessboard” where essays are published about the relation between Mathematics and chess, both practical chess and chess composition. Original papers are wanted on that topic, ans we will publish it very quickly! Please send the file – preferably tex.file essay help but doc.file is admissible as well – to me or the secretary of the journal Dr. O. Vasylyk ( vasylyk@univ.kiev.ua ).
I played twice in the International Open chess tournaments in Belgium, where I my performace was 2219 and 2080. I invite everybody to play blitz in my office at the room N4 of the campus. Students who will show deep understanding of chess,

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a look at the lecture, conversation, textbooks, together with other reading assignments. You may also produce a

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will gain my personal sympathy.

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NAME: Kukush Aleksander
TITLE: Full Professor


Here you can find the list of my publications and references on them. Some files are avaliable for download.


As a lecturer in Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, I present here interesting and maybe useful information about my Special educational courses.


I invite everybody to play blitz in my office at the room N4 of the campus. Students who will show deep understanding of chess, will gain my personal sympathy.